Chloe Girls 2007 Holiday Gift Exchange

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  1. OK Girls, here are the details for our little gift exchange. I'll try to keep it short.

    As a reminder, here are the participation criteria:

    - Must be regular posters of the Chloe forum (deserters may be welcome :p)
    - Must be a member of tPF for at least 5 months
    - Must have at least 500 posts that show genuine contribution to tPF (lots of "congrats" and "welcome" messages is not considered contributing)
    - Must have a digital camera for when it's time to reveal the gifts you've received

    Apologies to newer members who don't meet these criterias. There is one exception to the rules. If you know, that is are in regular contact with, an established member who will recommend you, then please get them to contact me, and we might be able to arrange something. Otherwise, If this exchange is a success and as fun as we think it will be, we will have another one next year.

    For participants, please PM me with your contact details:

    - First name and Last Name
    - Email Address
    - Address
    - Phone number

    Please know that your privacy will be respected. Only 3 people will have your details. Me (because I'm organise this), Jag, and your assigned buddy. Once all gifts have been exchanged, Jag and I will destroy our copies of your contact details.

    OK this is how it's going to work:

    Your email address will be fed into Elfster. Once everyone is registered, you will be assigned a buddy. Once you get your buddy's name, please PM Jag for their contact details! Don't PM me at this point because I will also be participating. Elfster allows you to anonymously ask your buddy questions to ensure you get something you know they'll like. You should also read some of your buddy's posts too, to get an idea of their hobbies.

    A few girls who have expressed interest have said that they will be away around Christmas so please be sure to send your buddy her gift before they leave!

    The minimum spending limit will be USD$50. Gifts must be received by your assigned buddy before December 20th (or possibly earlier depending on their requirement). If your buddy is overseas, please be sure to post your gifts early! We know what mail is like around the holiday season. When you receive your gift, please post pictures or your gift so we can all share in the fun! :yahoo:

    Please do not reveal your identity to your buddy until the gift is delivered - so to surprise them!

    Hopefully, I haven't forgotten anything! If I have, please tell me! This is my first time organising this, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

    Oh, I'm hoping to kick this off next weekend - so please PM me your details ASAP! We don't have long to go!

    Let's have some fun girls!
  2. Firstly, let me apologize for the delay in getting this organised!

    But it's finally off on it's way! The girls who have provided me with their details have been assigned their buddies! This will be a small exchange, but it should still be fun with the number of participants.

    This exchange will in the style of RAOK that has been running in other designer sub forums. The only difference to the original rules set out, is that the final gift received date is January 31 - instead of December 20. This will give all participants plenty of time to shop! Everyone has an excuse to shop before Christmas and/or during the post Christmas sales! :smile:

    The minimum spending limit is still USD$50! Feel free to go beyond that amount!

    Participants are encouraged to get to know your buddy by reading their posts and asking questions. Questions can be sent to me and I will post them here so we can all get to know each other. If answers/questions are too personal, just let me know and I won't post them here!

    Let the fun begin!
  3. Question for Rinstar311...

    - Favourite color?
    - Favourite scents?
    - Favourite female celebrity?
  4. Question for Plzrck...

    - Favourite snack?-
    - Favourite brands beside Chloe?
    - Favourite music/artist?
    - Favourite pass time activity?
  5. Question for vintagecharm...

    - what do you like?
    - what do you want?
    - what do you need?
  6. Question for Casper7...

    - What do you like besides handbags?
    - What you want?
    - What are your hobbies/interests??
  7. Question for saz123...

    - What is your favorite kinds of little luxuries, i.e. beauty products, bath products, etc?
  8. Okay, I guess that I will go first.:sweatdrop:

    First of all anything that I receive from my buddy I will love!

    Now a little about myself... I am married with 4 children. I stay at home with the youngest, who is 5. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 fish. We live on 5 acres out in the country in the middle of the Midwest! There are really no cool places to shop nearby. I have NEVER seen another woman with a Chloe bag & those close to me don't even know what a Chloe bag is (well the hubby & kids do, of course!)

    I love anything different or unique. If whoever has me lives anywhere cool, I'd love to have a memento from that city. Be it a t shirt, hat, or a little nick nack. I don't travel at all really, so getting something from another state, country or whatever would be cool.

    And now the answers to the questions:

    My favorite snack would be anything Chocolate! Oh and I love snyder of hanover pretzels.

    Favorite brands besides Chloe..Well I like Coach accessories, Hard Candy & MAC makeup, OPI nail polish, Starbucks, and I love Winnie the Pooh (not a brand, I know!).

    Favorite music/artist? I love Classic Rock, Celtic, and Classical music. As for favorite artist, I have many. I'd love to have the new Eagles CD whenever it comes out, as well as Chris Daughtry. I wouldn't know what else because my hubby has about every CD known to man:rolleyes:

    Favorite pastime.. Shopping, of course! Internet surfing, watching movies, playing with my kids. I love to read, but don't know of any good books & I like to put together puzzles.
  9. :wlae:
    :wlae:This is so hard to start to think about yourself. Ditto about whatever I receive from my Buddy I will love. I am retired and in my 50"s and I like :push::push: well handbags of course plus anything leather, perfume, nail polish, books, I have a poodle and a Bengal Cat called "Taj" anything to do with them. Chocolate, pens (I play competition Bridge) Key rings.
    What do I want? Something I can remember this person by.
    What do I need? Apart from my head read at times, white pashmina for bridge nights, bookmark, really anything. I am just so excited.:yahoo:
  10. Hehee... this is fun! Great posts plzrck and vintagecharm!
  11. Question for ILoveMyBug....

    1. What color do you like?
    2. Tell me about yourself?
    3. What would you love to receive as a gift?
    4. Do you wear jewellery, and what type?
  12. Ok, your right LB this is great, lol, ok, again a little about myself I'm very early 30's, recently joined singlehood again (well sort of having fun at mo), have just got a new job (which I love, something I have aspired to, since leaving uni), have had my fair share of traumas this year and anything I would receive from my buddy I'm sure would be lovely, I think I'm a typical girlie, after work on Sunday indulging in a little pampering session, to take away lives stresses!!:heart:
  13. ilovemybug, your buddy has deduced these traits about you...

    1. Likes the colour purple
    2. Wears white gold jewellery
    3. Has a cat
    4. Age early 30's

    Please confirm or deny!


  14. Hi, sorry for the delay in answering, I'm not online during the weekends!
    Wow my buddy should be a detective! Yep I like purple, and wear white gold or silver jewellery. I have 2 cats ;) and shhhhh I'm 31 :shame:

    I was wondering what had happened to this, I'd better start getting organised!
  15. Question for Mona_Danya...

    I would really prefer not to ask anything and to surprise you, but I need to know...
    - Is there anything you need?
    - Since you have to manage three lovely children, would you consider time for yourself as luxury?
    - Favourite brands?
    - Favourite food?