Chloe FVM and UTC Report

  1. In case any of you ladies were looking for more Chloe bags, here's what they had at Nordies at FVM and UTC.

    The first set of pictures are for FVM. Lots of Silverados!!
  2. This was at UTC:
  3. Balencia, what is UTC? Also, the fifth photo over, on the bottom that a chocolate paddy? :smile:
  4. Yes, and UTC is University Towne Center. Their number is: 858 457 4575 ext 1250. My SA there is Grace.
  5. Thanks for the pics!
  6. Oohhh, thanks for the heads up! Off to check on the Siverados!
  7. BalenciagaLove! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    I just bought THE ANTHRACITE PADDY!!!!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :rochard: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. I used to work at the UTC Mall!
  9. why aren't my yahooo's working:hrmm:
  10. ^^^ Sweetie, your yahoos are definitely working! Congrats on your anthracite. I was playing with it earlier today! It's gorgeous!
  11. Wow, great photos! Were any styles on sale?
  12. Thank you Balenciagalove, Marc helped me, he was a nice guy.
    I didn't see Grace's name, otherwise I would have asked for her.
    Oh yeah, I forgot my browser needs to be updated, as long as YOU can see my excitement that's what matters!

    Oh ya! It's all that much sweeter since I got it for a GREAT PRICE!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: I hope it's as gorgeous in person....
  13. Thanks BL! I see lots of Taupe Paddingtons! The only neutral color I'm missing...
  14. Knew the metallics were going on sale, but never thought I'd find one left only had seen the silver. Untill today!!!! it.:P

  15. BellaFiore ........... was the paddington on sale?:shocked: