Chloe Front Pocket Paddy in Tan at Nordstrom

  1. Hey, found a Tan Chloe Paddington with the front pocket at Brea Nordstroms.
    714-529-0123 ext. 1250 Karyn has it.
    Good Luck!
  2. Small pocket or large and how much?
    Thanks for the post BTW!
  3. Oh sorry-644.00 reduced from 1600.00!!!!
    I'm pretty sure it's a medium. :smile:
  4. I wish i was living in U.S.A,you girls are so lucky,can buy all the chloe's you want.We girls in Australia never get to see those sort of prices for a Chloe.:cursing:.Nor do they have that kind of variety or stock.
  5. That bag here in Australia atm is RRP A$2900.00,which is US$2500.:shocked:
  6. Wow, can the Nordstrom here just send it to you?
  7. They don't do international shipping.:sad:
  8. I have a SA at Nordstrom in Seattle who definitely ships internationally. We discussed it last week.
    Call her if you can, she's a doll.
    Peggy 206-628-1253
    She is the head designer handbag stylist and she was telling me she has customers all over, including outside of the US.
    It would be worth it. If you can't call her, PM me and I can get her email for you:smile:
  9. Thank you sooooooooo much,chloebagfreak,for all the info,if i ever need any help or assistance i will definately PM you,i hope you don't mind.You're great:tup:
  10. Sorry for the dumb question but is there a difference between a regular paddy and a front pocket one?
  11. Hi, the regular Paddy is the medium satchel and the front pocket is similar,but has a cool pocket in the front that has a buckle on it, kinda square. It is slightly bigger than the medium satchel. Go to for photos of all of the different Chloe bags.:smile:
  12. I called this morning... and the bag is gone gone gone...