Chloe Front Pocket Paddingtons at Neimans and Bergdorfs

  1. I know it's late to be shopping online, but just had to share; Ivory Front Pocket and Gold Front pocket- reduced from 1600- 1800, now 1100.00
    Not too much more than Overstock!
    Neimans and Bergdorfs under sale handbags.
    They also have lots of other cool Chloe styles. If you live in Calif, shop from Bergdorfs if possible as there is no tax to us:smile:
  2. How can there be no tax for Californians?
  3. When I had called the Bregdorfs store they told me that there was no tax to calif., so i tested it online and they only added shipping, but Neimans added tax and shipping. I think it's because there is no Bergdorf store here. I 'm not exactly sure of the reason:smile:
  4. OOps! BERGDORFS. Blond Speller:0)