Chloe Forum Announcement!

  1. Hi ladies!

    Please take a minute and check out our new Chloe Reference Library and Shopping subforums.

    I did my best to incorporate what has worked well in other subforums. But this is a work in progress, so please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

    Hope you enjoy!:flowers:
  2. Jag, I already took a look and it looks great! You were able to take a piece that was wonderful in all of the other forums and put it all into one place for us! Awesome job!!!!
  3. Jag, I'll bet your closets are color coded and organized by season!!

    This ROCKS!
  4. ^^^ LOL!!! My PHH is laughing hysterically right now at that comment- I (he) only wishes!
  5. I love it jag! You did an amazing job!!! The forum looks so organized now! :flowers:
  6. The new layout makes it so much easier to navigate. Thanks jag!
  7. Fantastic job! Thank you so much!
  8. omg you did so well with it! thanks so much jag!!
  9. Well done jag! We :heart: you!
  10. It looks wonderful - thanks jag! :yes:
  11. Thank you! I am so glad you all like it- but please, do not hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions or comments! That is what I am here for!
  12. love it, love it, love it!!!!!

    thanks jag :smile:
  13. Thank you so much for all your hard work. The site is now so much easier to navigate when you are looking for something,
  14. thank you for everything! looks great!
  15. Good Job!
    Thanks Jag!