Chloe Flats?

  1. Has anyone seen any Chloe flats or moccasins? Like in a store, or on a website? Preferably online, but whatever is fine.

    I've seen some in real life and they are REALLY adorable!

  2. I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Chloé Flats...super comfy, I wear them almost every day!
  3. Man, they are super cute, and look very comfortable, but man, are they expensive!
  4. For some reason I am scared to purchase shoes on eBay. I look all the time but never buy! Everytime I attempt bidding I think of the gross feet that could have been in the shoes (dumb, I know because plenty of people try on shoes in stores... but I just feel better seeing the shoe for myself). But the Chloe flats might break me out of my paranioa! The retail is quite expensive so.... I eBay HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL