Chloe Flats

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you all think of these? I like them but I could see myself struggling to wear them with anything other than jeans or trousers which would be a shame considering the style :shrugs:
  2. i dont like it, it looks like a confused flats wanting to be a boots
  3. I like them a lot, though you're right about wearing them with only pants - unless you're tall, and have fabulous legs you could pull them off with a short skirt.
  4. they look kind of gladiator style. they are okay.
  5. I'm sorry... I don't like them that much and i 'm a Chloe fan! I also think most men would not find them so attractive...
  6. I love Chloe shoes but this spring season shoes aren't so hot. But if you like them, get them.
  7. I love them!!! I'd pair them up with a denim skirt and a polo. Then again, I have a strange sense of style.
  8. I just can't come up with anything other than jeans to wear them with which makes spending $600 a bit much I think. If they did them in black I would have no trouble wearing them with tights and a mini dress
  9. Not my cup of tea but I guess they would look good with a ruffled mini skirt too?