Chloe Faye vs Drew

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  1. Dear all,
    I would very much like to get my first Chloe this year and I have come so close a few times already to taking the plunge! I think I will get one in June so I have something to look forward to and save up towards

    I was sure I would like to get the Faye in medium but I am also finding myself tempted by the Small and Mini drew bags. Which one would you go for? I want a versatile bag with some staying power.

    thank you so much, as I am really confused!
  2. anyone who could please help me? :help::help:
  3. I don't have either, so can't be much help. Sorry schuhgal! I have been eyeing the Drew for a while now too :smile: Hope this doesn't confuse you more, but I've recently fallen for the Hudson too! :smile:
  4. My friends have the Faye and it's beautiful but quite delicate. I wanna get the Drew :smile:
  5. i love both too! Do you consider the drew more as it would be more durable?

    Thank you BunnyFooFoo - I saw the Hudson today on someone in beige/ gray and its really pretty too!
  6. Well, yeah. Faye is on my wishlist too but if I consider my lifestyle aka always out, busy, underground/transport, travelling etc I'm not sure how much use I would get out of it. I saw how the bag wears off and it can look tired easily after a few months if you're not well careful. The drew seems more resistant according to reviews I have read etc :smile:
  7. Hello, I have both Faye and Drew and I prefer Drew because it is easier to handle. Faye is nice but to me it is for sometimes use and Drew is for everyday use. Faye is also more sensitive than Drew. I hope I helped you.
  8. I only have the medium Faye - I love it and feel very special when I use it - but I don't think of it as an everyday bag as it is susceptible to scratching - but I would buy another faye in another colour in a heartbeat if I could :yes:
  9. Faye.
  10. i owned a mini drew in the marshmellow color - while i LOVED it, it was too dressy for me bc of the chain strap. i'm a busy mom and wanted something more casual. i sold it only after carrying it a few times and about to get a small faye, just trying to decide on the color. one other thing about the drew which i found annoying was the lock mechanism - the twist lock itself was fine, but the chain part that you had to push through would always fall out and scratch the hardware in that whole area. (hope you know what i'm trying to describe). people say faye is harder to maintain due to the suede flap, so i'm trying to wait for another all-leather version before i take the plunge! HTH!
  11. I have the small Faye in black and it's not nearly as delicate as I feared- I don't baby it and it still looks great. But lighter colors are more delicate I'm sure. That being said its not a very functional bag because it really doesn't hold much and I find the chain gets in the way. It's beautiful tho. If you're considering Fayes I'd go with the medium instead. But for smaller Chloe bags (I've said this all over the forum lol) I adore my small Hudson. Holds way more than the small Faye, I have used it almost daily and it still looks great, and it's very functional. Love it!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462933455.157190.jpg
  12. Can I cheat and say Hudson too? Just gorgeous!
  13. I have both a medium Faye and a small Drew. They are both nice, but for different occasions. I use Faye as a work bag and Drew at weekends. If you go for Faye, I like the shape of the bag very much, you have to be careful about the colour you choose. Mine is grey and after only a week, there has been some colour transfer which makes the bag look "tired". Drew is quite cute, but I don't like the closure and the chain makes my shoulder hurt if I stuff a bit more in the bag.
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  14. wow thank you so much for your responses!! i do lobe the chloe and i like that the colors seem to be readily available whilst its hard with the Faye.
    Hami melon it was really good to hear what you said about the gray Faye as that or the brown were what i had considered. If i get the drew I think i want black or pink or a bicolored one!

    I want to make the big splurge in mid June so any perspectives would help, thank you so much ladies!
  15. Get the Drew in bicolour, too cute to be missed. I think they carry the black and pink combination.
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