Chloe FAYE tobacco OR dark purple?

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  1. Hi all!
    I'm going to buy a Chloe Faye in Tobacco or Dark Purple...YAY! Wondering which YOU would choose? Both are gorgeous! TIA! [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I have the wine purple Faye and it's a very lovely color that goes from day to night where the tobacco is more of a day color to me.
  3. Very good point! I think the Purple is a great alternative to Black (which I LOVE). Thanks for your feedback Lauren!
  4. Oooh this is a tough decision to make especially they both look good! Personally, I would go for the tobacco. I think it stands out more and it screams Chloe. Good luck choosing!
  5. Hey Pinklover! I saw the Tobacco IRL when this bag first came out. It's so gorgeous! It's such a tough call! Thanks for your input
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  6. I don't know if you're a Python lover like me but SSENSE has a wine purple medium Faye with Python flap on sale cheaper than the regular suede/calf medium Faye and it's gorgeous. I bought my Python flap Faye from them and they were great :smile:
  7. I'm always stalking my next purse and I love this bag. How's the interior capacity? Looks so narrow in pictures.
  8. Tobacco for me - the most classic colour that Faye has been made in imo :smile:
  9. its a concertina style bag so as soon as you pop your things in there the bag widens - and still looks as lovely when full :tup:
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  10. Love the dark purple Faye!
  11. Thanks!! It is soooo beautiful!!