Chloé Faye or Gucci Dionysus?

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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post. I'm hung up on whether I should buy the Chloé Faye or the Gucci Dionysus. Any thoughts, suggestions?
  2. Of the two, I like the Dionysus a lot more.

    Have you seen the new Diorama Satchel from Dior? It's a similar style of bag and I think it's incredibly stylish.


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  3. Damn that is a pretty bag! Do you know what the dimensions are of the bag? Does it go any larger by any chance haha
  4. The dimensions according to the website are 27.5 x 20 x 9 cm.

    It is modeled on a guy here, to give you an idea of the size (from

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. I like the Faye but theres no comparison to the wonderful Dionysus
  7. i love all three bags! (diorama satchel included!)
    but i will vote for dionysus, because i have been lemming after it for a while:smile:
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  8. I have the same dilemma!! :panic:
    • I suppose one primary difference is that the Faye could be carried as a clutch while the Dionysus doesn't have a removable shoulder strap. I don't know if that's a plus or minus to you as it depends on what you're looking for (personally, it's a plus as it means I can have more variety for the buck).
    • The Dionysus is pretty heavy. I tried both main sizes (I wasn't interested in the mini or WOCs) and they both weighed a lot because of the suede they use. I haven't yet carried a Faye in person.
    • A downside to the Faye is that when it gets loaded with stuff, the shape warps and loses its crisp, minimalist look, whereas the Dionysus is structured and solid (hence the weight). Kate Beckinsale's overstuffed Faye below is an extreme case, lol.
    • Also, the Faye comes in bi-material suede and leather as a classic, permanent option (they've recently released a full leather version in black but I don't know if that's permanent so you have to consider if you're comfortable taking chances with suede (I love suede but I'm an accident-magnet). The classic Dionysus in Gucci's Supreme canvas is less worrisome, even though it has suede panels, the suede on the front is minimal. However, there is a suede pocket on the exterior rear of the larger sized Dionysus and it would be rubbing against your clothes so there is that to think about.​
    • A plus for the Dionysus is that you can personalise it. The suede panel on the front can be blind stamped with your initials. Of course, this would make it harder to resell but considering it's a blind stamp, it might not be a total dealbreaker.
    Untitled Gucci Personalisation Dionysus.png
    • I think the hardware on both is beautiful but the Dionysus is something extra special (or perhaps, to some, an extra hassle). You have to pinch the little tabs on the sides to open the mechanism. The Faye is only a snap button magnetic closure but I really love the look of the chain.
    It would help if you could share which models of each bag you're particular interested in so we could bounce a few thoughts here and there? :smile:
  9. My biggest problem with the Chloe is the leather. While gorgeous, the display had quite a few scratches on it. I can imagine how it would look after daily use. That was enough for me to say no. I'm not one to baby my bags.
  10. Between the Chloe and Gucci, I'd pick the Gucci.
  11. I know :amuse:

    Wow the Faye certainly looks unappealing when it is full. The Dionysus is much better in terms of looking structured even when full.
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  12. Found this thread and thought I'd share some pictures. I actually have both bags (this never happens....hadn't bought a bag in years much less full price, and ended up with both this year). Truthfully, I love both and for different reasons. The Chloe has got a classy, structured appeal to it, and I like that it's not in-your-face monogram. I took it to a work conference and loved it. It's definitely a heavy bag though, and I don't like how it looks stuffed either.


    The Gucci I feel is classic Gucci. I can't get enough of it though. The pattern is also good for hiding imperfections if something happens. I got the medium size since I had the large Faye, and also because I didn't want the suede pocket on the back to rub. I'm in love with both, and it would be hard to choose!

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  13. @mharri20, you model both bags so well!! showed them off to the best effect!
  14. Aw thank you! Before these, I really only used my Givenchy Pandora I've had for over 5 it's a big change to have more than one bag to pick from now!