Chloe Faye Backpack Mini (will I regret the size) + one crossbody option I found

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  1. Hello folks!
    I REALLY wanted the small size, but I just couldn't stomach the fact that the mini was at a greater discount than the small. So, I figured I'd try to make the mini size work.
    So, I just purchased the black in mini this evening. Please let me know if anyone here has regretted their smaller ? purchase. I tend to horde and stash a ton of things in my purse, but perhaps that needs to change? :smile:
    I was also debating on color. Black vs tan. I figured the tan was a nice and cute little bag for the summer, but the black will have lasting power.
    Anyways, I also wanted to wear this as a cross body. In fact, it really bothered me that this wasn't an option. Or so I thought.
    I know some folks on here have suggested you need to cut the small leather loops off etc etc.
    I figured there had to be a better way - and there is.

    So, if you take a look at the leather loops, there are two. One is at the top and the other one is closer to the bottom (holds the 'ends' in place.

    What I did was unhook the two clasps at the bottom. I adjusted the straps to work with my height. Then, I took the leather loops meant to hold the 'ends' in place and moved them a little bit (again, it just depends on your height).

    Then I hooked one clasp into the opposite leather loop and did the same on the other side. See photo as reference.
    Voila - I now have a crossbody!

    It's pretty awesome. Now the functionality of this back is almost complete. I just wish I could get rid of the straps when I just want to use it as a shoulder bag. I'll try to figure out that next task a little later.

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  2. also: figured out another way to use the backpack straps as a shoulder strap.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Crossbody option
  4. As an update, I ended up exchanging the mini for the small size. I just couldn't handle the lack of space in the mini. Especially since this handbag would be used on a regular basis. I'm very happy with the small size!
  5. Hi! I actually have the small and think it’s a great size. It’s not too heavy and holds all I need plus some. I typically don’t even have to unzip it. I was actually thinking I needed a medium but the small has been great. I was able to remove my straps completely with some fiddling and added my own hooks so that I could I attach the straps easily. I posted it somewhere, can’t recall where, lol. I hope you LOVE it! I love mine :smile:
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  6. Thanks so much!
    I absolutely LOVE this backpack!
    In fact, I love it so much that I purchased the tobacco color as well.
    And 3 alphabet wallets! 1 small size and 2 larger ones!
    I couldn't help myself. Everything was just so pretty.
  7. So glad to hear it and yes, all of this is so addicting!! congrats! Can I ask where you found these discounted?
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