Chloe FASHION shots!

  1. Now that I know how to insert pics I will go crazy. These are photos of a brochure that I got from the Bal Harbour Chloe boutique. As always - it really helps to see the bags modelled.
    Chloe fasion pics 001.jpg Chloe fasion pics 002.jpg Chloe fasion pics 003.jpg Chloe fasion pics 004.jpg
  2. Here's a few more...
    Chloe fasion pics 005.jpg Chloe fasion pics 006.jpg Chloe fasion pics 007.jpg
  3. Thanks, I'm really liking that first pic with the purple bag.
  4. Ilson - that's the one that i_wona is interested in - the medium sized Maya hobo in violet.
  5. Oh thanks for posting. I'm liking the look of the last bag on the first row, the brown one. Any idea what it is??
  6. Oooh thanks for showing us!

    What is the red bag in the second photo you attached?
  7. Think that is the Ada---looks like this black one on BG website--I thought I was really going to like that bag, but once I saw in IRL, I wasn't that taken with it--maybe it was the color (white). But, I do like the look.;)

  8. Thanks for posting this. Hmm, not so sure now, it looks alot nicer in the brown (well that could be cuz every bag I own is brown?:yes:) Its def a bag i'd have to see in teh flesh (or should that be leather?)

    Thanks again! :flowers:
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. The saskia is really quite nice.
  10. ^^^ITA, loving the Saskia :love:

    Thanks for posting divnanata :flowers:
  11. Yes - the pic Ilson sent is the "medium sized Ada`shopping" in black patent lambskin. There is also a little bit smller Ada called the "shoulderbag" - even though it really looks like a satchel and I think the size of that one is pretty wearable! That picture should be in what the snaps that acshih sent last week, I think?
  12. This red bag is one of my favorites and it is the Maya "Bumbag". I love the long wide red strap.
  13. ^That's called the "round zipped Saskia tote in egg sheepskin", Bal. I think it looks great with clothes and reminds me a little of the Edith for some reason?
  14. love that maya hobo! And I LOVE that saskia - yeowser!!!

    Thanks for the pics Div; this must have taken you ages - but it's so invaluable to see the bags up against a real person... it makes all the difference!
  15. Here are some pictures from the Chloe add in the March issue in Elle magazine. Not sure how I feel about the heloise. It looks almost too pristine. :shrugs:
    HPIM0246.JPG HPIM0247.JPG