Chloe Family

  1. meet my girls, betty is my latest acquisition.
    chloeset1.jpg betty.jpg
  2. Nice! I love the Bay bag!
  3. I love your Paddingtons!
  4. Lovely collection, love the Betty!
  5. I love the greyish/beige bag in the middle! What is that one called?
  6. The Bay Bag - comes quilted too:yes:
  7. Wow what a fab collection.

    That grenat in the corner just jumps out
  8. Very beautiful collection...I love your babies:love:!!!
  9. OMG - the baby paddies are soooo cute ! :yes:
  10. Fabulous!!! What is the name for the one that hanging? I like that model!
  11. Hot collection! :smile:
  12. WOW you have a beautiful Chloe collection!!!! Chloe rocks!!!!
  13. :heart: grenat! awesome collection.
  14. great collection love the paddingtons and the bay. The betty is stunning congrats.
  15. Love the burgundy paddy!