Chloe Fall Bags...& shoes!

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  1. Wanted to share with you guys these pics from the Chloe Fall Runway...

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  2. Below pics of Chloe´s Fall 06 Shoes...for us shoe lovers...

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  3. Thanks for posting, A.Rotati! :biggrin:

    They're a bit too Vivienne Westwood for my taste and I value my knees, ankles and neck(!) too much to risk a pair of those!!! :amazed:
  4. I am sort of liking the first and third bag...are those Tracy bags? But the shoes? They look like some sort of orthopedic platform/heel conglomeration to me. (But that's just me, and I am sure I will think they are really cute in two weeks!)

  5. To be honest, I'm afraid that I find these bags pretty bland. :blink:

    I'm afraid Chloe has lost that Phoebe Philo magic... :cry:
  6. chloehandbags- i agree. it's really sad, but true.
  7. Those shoes look like torture!
  8. I love those black patent wedges! As a dream, that is, I could never walk in them... And I agree, they're very Vivienne Westwood.

  9. Eskimo, maybe we should offer to take over from Phoebe?! ;) :lol:
  10. the bags just dont excite me (thank god, or my bank acct will be dead!)
  11. Does anyone know the style name for the second last pair of shoes. I know I am years late, but I have been searching for these shoes for so long. I need them
  12. They are chloe silverado shoes.
  13. hot shoes!