Chloe Fall (Autumn) Accessories Collection is up on


    What do you all think?
  2. excuse me... i'm still drooling:drool:
  3. Hmmmm........I guess I quite like the new style Paddy's and am excited to see that Bleu Nuit is in the line-up :graucho:

    But other that, I don't see anything too enticing really :confused1: I'm sure when I see a few of the new styles IRL I will change my view though - I always do! And I already got a new season Bay so have made a good start!

    I loved the Betty and Silverado and it's a shame they have disappeared from the line-up :crybaby:

    What do you think Chloehandbags?
  4. I think the models are too skinny, lol;)
    I LOVE the paddy key ring! And the red paddy and the zipped paddy in elephant, I also like the small black paddy, and the new style wallets- luv um. Oh god! I love them all. Maybe I should send back the bags I just got on sale to save for the new bags coming out:yes:

  5. I love that red domed paddy- so pretty!
  6. Love the paddy and chain combos! The leathers seem a lot smoother and not as slouchy, though. I hope I'm wrong. Or maybe that trend is on its way out?
  7. Ugh, I am NOT impressed with the shiny leathers and smaller hardware.:cursing: They look like imitation Chloe! I think the paddington classic bags, the silverados, original ascots, and the classic keralas were the stuff that "dreams are made of" and the newer styles look as if they are trying to figure out how to charge more and give less.
    I'm so glad that I have a great paddy collection from '05, '06 and few select '07's...I don't think I'll be buying much this year at all. I just found the large "travel size" rouge paddy from '05 on eBay and it's (luckily) in brand new mint condition. It wasn't cheap, but the leather is stunning and that quality has gone the way of the dinosaur...:crybaby:
  8. Hmm not sure about the new styles (Elvire, Audra) but the round zipped paddingtons are so cute!! The new Bays look promising too...
  9. Well, I like the new wallets, the clutches, the paddington with the chain (don't know how to say it in english, I hope it's clear), but I can't say that the collection is TDF... maybe it's just the pictures, and maybe in reality everything will appear different. We'll see.... :popcorn:
    Obviously the restyling of successful collections is not easy at all.
  10. I saw a few of the season bags today in Harvey Nichs, London :yes:

    The leather they are using on the new Paddy's with the chain and small padlock is much different to previous seasons. It's like nappa leather - very, very soft and kind of bubbly. I like the feel of it but I doubt it will be as practical as the original paddy leather :push:

    I also saw one of the original style paddy's in the original leather in a new creamy colour which Harvey Nichs calls "Nude". The colour is TDF!! I love it! :drool:

    They also had some Bays and there were three camel type of colours - a pale camel (didn't see the name), a caramel (canelle) and then a more greeny camel which they call "Army" - all gorgeous! :tup:

    Anyone else seen any of the new bags? :shrugs:
  11. I got a postcard announcing the release of the Elvire, and in that picture it looked really nice.
  12. Wow Balchlfen, thanks for this wonderfully thorough report! I'm looking forward to seeing these new paddingtons in the USA!
  13. I am loving the Heloise...going to go to Liberty and waitlist for it!