Chloe Experts Please Help Urgently!!

  1. Calling all Chloe aficiandos! I bought a bag from eBay a while bag and found out it is a total fake when I compared it next to my bleu nuit that I got a few months later. I was sold the eBay bag as genuine and as a limited edition, so obviously w eally upset to be stung.

    I reported it to eBay and paypal as their policy states that fraudulent listings are totally illegal, they are looking into my claim but have given me just 7 days to get confirmation from someone in the know that it is a fake. Noone here at my local Chloe outlets are authorised to do it and no reply so far from Chloe HQ.

    I am furious as if I cannot get confirmation my claim will be cancelled and I have lost around £400.00. Surely the responsibilty lies with the seller to prove it is genuine??!

    Can anyone out there please help, all I need is a written opinion from an 'unbiased third party' on a letterhead including a contact number in case paypal needs to follow up further.

    Anyone out there who hates fakers, this is your chance to bring justice to shoppers worldwide, anti-fakers unite, etc etc... seriouly, any Chloe collector, dealer, sales assisstant, friend of a friend in the know please get in touch I am desperate for help. It is seriously not hard to tell this is a fake when up next to the real thing, I just need someone to take a glance at some pictures and write that it is an illegal fake.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You will need an 'official' authenticator, I would imagine - to satisfy Ebay/Paypal.

    MyPoupette offer this service, but it costs a fee (not sure of the amount).

    Google mypoupette and check it out. There is another service called, I think, Caroldiva. Others will help with this information I'm sure.

    Can you post a link to the Ebay auction and put a pic of the bag here - just for opinions (though, thinking about it, you will probably need to do that separately in the Authenticate thread).

    There are many experts here who are happy to give their opinions. But, to make a claim, Ebay will require more than that.
  3. Oh thank you so much, I have been trawling ebay looking out for renowned sellers and hoping one of them might be willing to do it, as paypal doesn't really mention needing an 'official authority' but you are probably right. Thank you a million times! Are those sites you mentioned 'official' enough for a claim do you think?
  4. I am pretty certain mypoupette is. You could always ask BagAngel (search that name on here) to point you in the right direction - she is a mypoupette verified seller and has a flawless record on Ebay. (Not to ask her to verify, but whether mypoupette is accepted by Ebay/Paypal). BagAngel is a very helpful lady and knows much more about these things.
  5. My poupette don't know much when it comes to Chloe...I am talking from experience becuase they said my totally authentic paddy (putchased from Aloha Rag) was a fake...this was out of inexperience!