Chloe Experts... Please help me identify my Paddy! =)

  1. Hi Chloe ladies!

    Do you know what season, colour and year this paddington is from? I bought it from AR quite a while ago but I can't find my receipt and would like to load it onto eBay soon. Hopefully someone will be able to help me out! It's off white... Ivory/cream in colour. Thanks in advance! *Hugs*

    :heart: DQ
  2. Looks to me like it's the ivory, aka "blanc" from '06. It's very pretty! :heart: I love this color and this bag, and I have this color in the medium paddy, the large zippy bowler, and the large US Shopper, (all from that lovely '06 collection!) :nuts: Are you sure you want to sell it? It's a great color for year round:smile::wlae:
    PS: Hard to tell from the pic but it could also be "mastic" (slightly darker) which was '06 as well:smile:
  3. Thanks Beanie! Well... I haven't decided if I should part with it but it has been sleeping in my cupboard for the past few months! Hee. It's practically new because I've only used it twice. Anyway I need to sell some bags to fund my balenciaga addiction... =)
  4. Hmm so is it Ivory or Mastic? Anyone? =)
  5. I think this is 06blanc!!!
    Mastic is slightly darker with a putty colour. For 06blanc, is a pure cream colour with yellow undertone.
  6. this bag is very nice! I'm hoping to pick one up, but... too scared to find one on eBay that's authentic.. :crybaby:
  7. Did you get the round chloe tag with the bag as well as the receipt?, that should have the colour showing on it too :smile:
  8. Yeah I did but I misplaced them! Argh. I didn't expect to part with this baby but I need to fund my balenciaga addiction... *Blushes*. Actually, I'm in the midst of completing my listing on eBay. :graucho:
  9. I think it's crème based on the pics. crème is a creamy light beige color irl. My second guess would be blanc, although I thought blanc looks lighter than that.
  10. For me it looks like ivory 06...lovely color :heart:
  11. Aww thanks girls. I knew I could count on all of you! The listing has been finalised! =) -Yay-
  12. What a gorgeous bag!

    I must view the listing.