Chloe Experts Need your help deciding!

  1. :confused1:

    I don't have any chloes but came across a good deal while in the mall. So I thought this might be my opportunity to get a first. It's the chloe square silverado tote. I found the same bag/same color on net porter.

    I can get it for $750. What should I do?
  2. Well it is an amazing deal and silverados are not being made anymore. So I say get it and if you don't like it once you take it home just return it!

    A deal is only a deal if you love the bag....
  3. How did you feel when you saw the bag? Did you love it? or just love the price?

    You have to love the bag to wear it; it becomes part of you.

    If you can afford it, and can see yourself carrying the bag, then definitely go for it. It's always safer to buy it, have it at home to think about it and return if you change your mind.

    Prices go up and down... your desire for the bag should be the decision-maker.
  4. Keep it only if you love it...
  5. I fully agree. Only buy the bag if you love it. Buying it is the easy part. I love the silverado and have a few of them. At the end of the day the ball is in your court.
  6. I agree - if you totally love the bag you should get it. I got a Silverado hobo this season and love it - the leather is beautiful and it's so light. Good luck on your decision.
  7. Thanks for the advice! I do love the bag. I decided to buy it and try it out and see how I feel. As you said I can always take it back!
  8. Well I was drawn to the bag before I saw the price. Seeing it was on sale was just a bonus! I decided to buy it and try it out. Thanks for your help!:smile:
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  10. Looking forward to seeing modelling pics!:tup:
    We'll help you decide to keep it! :graucho:
    Ooops, I mean decide whether to keep it, or not, lol:biggrin:
  11. do show us pictures...I've been really curious to see how that silverado will look on!
  12. I pick up the bag next Thursday. Will post pics as soon as I get it in my hands!:yahoo: