Chloe exclusive to own boutique and NM in US?

  1. Hmmm, I am not sure if this is accurate info, but I thought I'd pass it along. I was just in Corsa (Forum Shops, Vegas) which sells amongst other brands Chloe, from 2 SAs that from Fall, Chloe will only sell their stuff in its own boutiques and NMs in the US anyway. It came up because they only had 3 Chloe bags on the floor and I asked if they were getting any more in, which was a big resounding 'no'! Could this be true? Wouldn't they lose money? Is this some sort of QC on their part? Have you gals heard anything about this? Sorry if this has already been discussed....
  2. Gosh, that would suck since there isn't a boutique or NM in my state! I love seeing Chloes IRL at Nordstrom when I have the chance! Hope it's not true.....
  3. Hmm. wonder if that's why the stores ie, Saks, kirna zabete, Nordies, are having all of these sales on Chloe. I knoW NM is having a sale, too, though.
  4. That does sound ominous, doesn't it? Think I'll call my Nordies....
  5. I'm going into Saks tonight....I'll ask them and see what they say.
  6. Interesting. I know that in the Seattle Nordstrom, they consider the Chloe area a "mini boutique", or at least that's what they say on the Chloe website.
  7. Hmm, interesting. Not out of the realm of the possible although it makes no business sense. Why cut back on your distribution points? I can understand doing it for quality control but this would choke off volumes for them. :upsidedown:
  8. That occured to me too, but then like you said NM is putting them on sale too, I had previously thought it was just because some styles just weren't selling...
  9. Interesting indeed....Perhaps Chloe does not want the market so over-saturated?

    The value in the brand is in part owed to hard it is to get the product - when you can buy a Chloe bag everywhere it does take away from the brand desireability a little bit.

    At least for us Paddy lovers we don't need to see them to know we love them; so, we can always order these over the phone!!

    I wonder if NAP will lose their status, I doubt it? They are listed as the official online retailer of Chloe.
  10. That is so interesting...I'm sure they want to control their distribution channels better. It would make it harder for owners or buyers for the designer boutiques to 'over' order making a surplus and the demand loses its cache.
  11. I kind of hope this is true. I don't want to see an Edith on every 3rd persons arm. It will keep their bags very desirable - which I like.
  12. I hope not, my nordies just started to carry chloe bags. We have a NM here but the SAs are terrible.
  13. No. This isn't true because in NJ (Millburn to be exact), there's a store called Gito Girl that sells the Gladys and Paddy, both of which were authentic. Hope it helps!
  14. The girls in Corsa said that according their info. this will be only from Fall or so...I guess we shall just have to wait and see...
  15. I am hoping it is true. I miss the days of the elusive Paddington and the thrill of the chase. And as a five Paddington owner, I want the bag to hold much of its value in case I decide to sell down the road.