Chloe Ethel Tote...a bit too big?

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  1. Aaah...okay I'm getting high off the sweet smell of leather fumes and not thinking clearly. But I didn't realize how big the Chloe Ethel tote WAS! and I'm not little, I'm 5'6 but daaaaaang. What to do. Mom thinks I should keep it because it's gorgeous and unique and use it as a laptop/travel/future diaper bag. .......I was hoping this was like the size of a speedy 30/35 lol. Not so much. What do you ladies think, I appreciate honest opinions. and I already asked Nordstrom and they are sold out of the smaller size in purple :crybaby:

  2. It is HUGE but absolutley stunning.....I say keep it but don't use it for an everyday bag.
    Do the handles fit on the shoulder well??

    Now I'm all excited as I managed to snag the small one in the same colour way....
  3. ^Yes it fits over the shoulder, the smaller version has the shorter handles though but Roomommmy...Ah I misspelled her name, but she has some great modeling shots of this color in the smaller satchel in her ethel thread. It IS stunning though, completely unlike other bags that I have seen. Must be a Chloe thing lol

    If you end up returning yours let me know lol! I'll snap it up :biggrin:
  4. Chloe bags do have AMAZING Character...there are no bags out there like Chloe!

    I saw her pics and the small looks great too....

    The chloe boutique had the small on sale the chloe boutique at South Coast Plaza!

    I still love this bag on you....KEEP IT!
  5. It is big, but the leather is very soft, so mine kind of "melts" without anything in it. Have you tried it on without the stuffing? That actually is what made me change my mind about my ethel. I absolutely love the colors on this bag. I've been carrying mine as much as I can.
    Also, the small purple Ethel went on sale at the boutiques--have you tried calling to see if there are any left?

    ETA: I see mona had the same suggestion! I know the boutique at Melrose Place also had both the small purple and the small nutmeg on sale.
  6. i think the bag is beautiful and like other have said, it's unique and fun! it is definitely a large bag, but it really is all in how you carry it and you look lovely with it! i really like the orange and purple combo!

    go with what makes you happy! it is a gorgeous bag though! i especially love the last pic with it!
  7. I think it is very striking and size wize looks fine on you when worn over the shoulder... very pretty color.
  8. Looks absolutely great and not too big when worn over the shoulder! Love the orange handles with the pink, gorgeous!
  9. I agree - huge but stunning. I love a big bag and this one would be a keeper for me. The shape is perfect on you.
  10. It is quiet a large bag but it is gorgeous. I don't think it is an everyday bag but I wouldn't want to part with it. It is a keeper.
  11. Large but HOT color. Does it match lots of what you already have? Can you see yourself getting good use from it? Would make a lovely diaper bag! :lol:
    The diaper bag reason would make me keep it!
  12. I saw this at Nordstrom too, but while gorgeous I think it's honestly too big for me. It looks great on you in the photos, so I think you look fine carrying it. Color is pretty, and there's such nice simplify and style in the bag. However, whenever I even think of picking up a large bag, I get asked, "Do you plan on carrying a small child in there?" :lol:
  13. It´s big - but not too big.
    Love it!
    Yummy Yummy color!
  14. Gorgeous and I really like that size - the colors are beautiful - congrats!!
  15. I think this looks great on you.
    I love big bags, but I'm always fumbling trying to find my stuff in the bottom.
    Let us know what you decide.