Chloe Elvire Satchel $916.50 @ NM in St. Louis

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    After losing out on the Paddington bag at NM, I have been calling around to various NM stores in hopes of finding one! No luck....however, I did find two Chloe bags at the St. Louis store (314-567-9811), The SA there is about the most accommodating and friendly individual that I have spoken with---she is incredible!! Her name is Leslie, and she is holding these two bags in the event anyone from the forum is interested. The bag pictured is in a mustard color from the Elvire collection and retails for $1825.00, however it is on sale for $916.50 after the 25% is taken.

    The second bag, also Chloe is from the Bay collection and is in a Khaki color. It's also a satchel and has what is appears to be quilting on one side at the bottom. That is how Leslie described it. The retail price is $1780.00, but the sale price is only $894. Anyone interested, please give Leslie a call. The store is open today until 5 PM CT.
  2. I saw three nice teal colored Chloe bags (not sure of the names or actual color name, but the color was gorgeous) - I believe one bag was a Paddington -they were all on the sale table at Nordstroms in Walnut Creek, CA -I think they were about half price - I considered the Paddington for second and then remembered I have two Bal bags on waitlist!!
  3. good deal!