Chloe Elvire arrived, glad i didn't pay full price!!!

  1. Well she's turned up, but i have to say in quite a shabby condition. Believe you me if i had paid £943 for this i would be sending her straight back. I don't know how NAP store there bags but this was definately not stored upright. The back is so wrinkled up and out of shape, looks nothing like the picture on their site. However i am loving the overall bag, and the fact that the back is the eyesore makes it acceptable. And the fact i only paid £245 with delivery. I shall be keeping her. A couple of things i didn't expect are the pockets on the outside of the bag, you can't tell they are there when looking at the pictures a bit like the paddy and her pockets. And the magnetic fastenings on the main opening, i didn't read the description properly, so didn't expect that. So apart from the back of the bag very happy :yahoo:
    However definately would not have paid full price :tdown: Unfortunately i do not have a digital camera so cannot take pics. Sorry.
  2. What color did you get? Probably in the thick leather the wrinkles will come out once you carry some heavy things in it.

    I think it is great to use, I got one in black at the sale in a local store. The only thing I'm not too happy about is the vinyl zipper strap - I'll probably have that replaced by a leather one.

  3. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. :sad: Just because it was on sale, doesn't mean it should be damaged, or faulty, unless you were pre-warned that it would be.

    I don't know.....NAP don't seem to be what they used to be. :s

    In the past, although items could be faulty, on occasion, they were always in good condition and well-packed. Also, they didn't really like it, but you could ask them to check that an item was OK, before shipping and they would. :yes:

    I recently bought a Patent Elvire Clutch, for full retail and the finish was faulty, so I asked them to check the replacement for faults, before sending it and they agreed, but not only did the replacement arrive with far worse faults, but it was also folded at either end, to fit in a tiny box! :wtf:

    Also, they seem to put items that you send back as faulty back on the site... :s

    Not good. :nogood:
  4. That was a nice bag, for the price not bad at all, hopefully the creases would eases a bit.
    I bought from them recently and it was not properly packaged, the bag was stuffed into a small box with some tissue paper, the bag looked a bit creased. :sad:
  5. I think they better hire new wrappers ASAP. This is turning into an epidemic. Totally unacceptable!
  6. Thanks guys, i was worried i was being too fussy. But like i say if i had paid full price for her she would have gone back. I do think its outrageous that they put bags in too small boxes and have to scrunch them up as they did with yours chloehandbags and yours kary. I mean we are paying £10 for delivery the least they can do is package them correctly.
    I do have to say though, the more i play around with my bag the more i'm loving her. She's a fabulous shape and size. reminds me of the Paddy but more user friendly. Easy to get in and out of, opens up really wide, and i love the slit pockets on the front and back. And i do believe now that i have put my stuff in it that the shape is coming back, and the wrinkles are dropping out. Yep i love her :love: Just a shame about the shoddyness of NAP.
  7. Thank goodness that you are happy! I had a feeling the wrinkles would come out. One thing you can say about Chloe bags is that they are remarkably hardy.

  8. So glad you love her! :biggrin:

    Yes, NAP used to be so good, too. :yes:

    I think, as with most businesses, they got to a certain size and then the corporate suits took over and all they care about is saving every penny. :sad:

    The personal touch has gone. :sad:

    When I first used to order from NAP (in fact, I used to shop at, which was the forerunner to NAP [if you type, you still get redirected to NAP]!), when you called them, you used to speak to a very nice French lady, who, I believe, was Natalie Massenet (the founder)! :biggrin:

    Things have certainly changed. :yes:

  9. :yes:

    Or retrain the ones they have.

    I suspect they have been told to pack items in the smallest box possible, to save money, but that they have taken this instruction too literally.

    They need to be taught that there is a difference between woven clothing, which can be squeezed into a smaller box, if necessary (although, it's still not ideal, as it will arrive creased) and leather goods; most of which shouldn't be folded/crushed, as leather can be irreparably stretched and/or creased.
  10. Most of the time when I have bought something from nap it has been fine. I did get something on the sale though and it arrived without that black box that they put stuff in. That black box would take some of the harm is something happened to packet before the item. Now it was just in a normal box which the wrapping had broken on and was open and fedex guy told me to check my item before I signed anything. He also said he had been very careful after he picked it up with it because he noticed it was open and broken. My item was in good condition though.
  11. Unfortunately evan though we still might be spending a lot of money in the sale, sale items come without the black box.

    Chloehandbags, i think you're right about the corporate suits wanting to save every penny. I remember a few years ago i bought some stuff in the sale and they came in the black box. And then the following year black box gone for sale stuff.

  12. Oh dear, that's terrible. :sad:

    Thanks goodness it was OK! :smile:

  13. Yes, I've had the same experience. :yes:

    I've also been sent some less expensive, non-sale items without a black box, too.

    Actually, I don't blame them for trying to save money on items they are not making much profit on, as they are trying to run a business, after all; but they should still make sure items are protected and secure.

    Also, I think there is often an assumption, in retail, that people who buy sale items, or less expensive items, never buy full price, or expensive, items; so you don't need to look after them. But that is often a mistaken view and if you treat people badly, they may be less inclined to buy something more expensive from you, in future.

    I also feel that the black boxes are not as good as they were - they used to have the black boxes with separate lids, but now they have the ones with the integral lid and the magnetic closure. The problem with these is that they are ungainly when open and the weight of the lid sometimes makes them come unstuck and then they place them in tiny cardboard boxes, barely bigger than the black box itself, so you have force your hands in the sides (which is uncomfortable) and/or try to tip the black box out, which is a bit risky for the contents... :s

    Also, if you use them as storage boxes, they let dust in the sides. I know being able to use them for storage is just an added perk, so I'm not exactly complaining about that, but it is a bit of a pity that they discontinued the original boxes, IMO.

    Actually, when they decided to redesign them, I wish they had designed ones that could be opened like a drawer; that way you could stack them and still be able to open them and dust wouldn't get in! :tup:

    LOL, you can tell I have given this a lot of thought, can't you! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    To be fair, I don't think they've put the postage fee up since they started (or maybe just by £2.00?), so maybe that's what they ought to do, to cover the packaging?
  14. I'm not too bothered about the black box as long as they don't squeeze pack the goods in a way too small box then I'm happy.
    They charge £10 on postage and packing, basically they are not really losing money, they should pack it properly.
    I bought goods from other places, even in the sales, all the items are carefully wrapped and in good size boxes and they all came in good condition.
  15. ^ Thing is, they ship via DHL, which is relatively expensive and do free returns (again via DHL), so what with that and the black box, I think they may very well be losing money with the £10 fee. :yes:

    I think they sometimes build the loss into their prices (which tend to be on the highish side), but when things go on sale, they obviously don't get as much.

    What I do think is that, where they give you the choice to not have the black box, they should knock a little off the shipping fee; that way, people who want a black box can have one and those who don't can save a few quid.

    Maybe they should charge £12 with black box and £8.00 without?

    But, for that £12, I would expect items to NOT be crammed in a tiny box and for the outer box to be slightly bigger. :yes: