Chloe Ellen

  1. Bloomies has Chloe Ellen on sale for 30% + 20% off. The bag will be 908$ with taxes. My SA sent me some pics of the Chloe bags that are on sale.
  2. Just thought I'd share for anyone in the DC/VA/MD area - TJ Maxx Bowie has the Ellen in black for $899.

    Have a great memorial day weekend.
  3. For those who are interested and live in central Maryland, yesterday I saw a blue (azure) Ethel for $899 at the Marshalls in Gambrills. I was amazed to see such a high end bag in an ordinary store in the 'burbs.
  4. Hi all,

    I'm looking for a Chloe ellen. I just joined the site and tried to PM Shari Nakagawa, based on her earlier pics and posts, but I can't PM yet.

    Does anyone know if she still has them in stock?

    Thanks :smile: