Chloe Ediths - Photos and Request for Authentification

  1. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and am extremely excited to have found you all!!!

    I have a question regarding the Chloe Ediths. I know with some other designer bags every one of the same model has the same exact markings, stitching, etc. For example, I have a Louis Vuitton Petite Noir and I know that mine and my friend's are exactly the same. Is this the case with the Chloe Edith?

    I ask this because I recently purchased a used Chloe Edith online from an ebay seller (ether321) for around $600. When I received the bag I noticed the interior stitching was a different color. Mine is brown. Does Chloe make Ediths with varying color of interior stitching?

    I have attached photos to help. If you guys could take a look and tell me if it is real or not I'd appreciate it! The seller is 200% adamant that it is real since she bought it herself at a CA boutique. She isn't a bagseller and I really want to know if it is real or not so I can get my $$ back! Thank you!
  2. Welcome, lordguinny! But you should throw your request in the "Authenticate This" thread under Chloe
  3. HI & Welcome.

    She recently sold a MJ bag for 195 pounds. I have no idea on the authenticity of your Edith (love it, BTW), but the low prices are a red flag for me. Hopefully one of the other ladies who know about Edith will log on soon.
  4. Hi and welcome! I just sent my whiskey bag back yesterday :amazed: so I don't have one sitting here to compare, but the stitching around the inside leather panels should be the same color as the outside stitching - beigey - then the inner lining is sewn with the same color thread as the lining (not contrasting).

    I'd be curious about her receipt since we saw a very BAD example of a fake Chloe California boutique receipt yesterday. Did she give you more pics of that?

    For the price and the fact she sold 2 using the same auction photos/story, I'd have concerns. I'd also like to see a closeup of the inner zipper fob and a pic of leather zipper fob hanging in front of the bag! :flowers:

    Edit: I didn't mention also that it just looks wrong in general - even Chucky had more character!!
  5. Than you! I am heading off work so when I get home I'll post more photos. What is a fob?
  6. The pulls.... aka anything that dangles! Sorry for my goofy lingo! :biggrin:
  7. If someone insists they purchased a bag at an authentic place then he/she should provide said receipt to the winning bidder. Sorry to say but the bag does not look real. The leather looks off and too smooth. Edith hasn't been out that long so used would mean, maybe three months at best? Why on earth would she lose over HALF the purchase price, unless she has money to blow through, which the average person does not.
  8. I agree with everything Roey said. I could tell that bag is fake at the first glance without question (only because I have looked at enough fakes on ebay). They get you with the "used" ploy. :censor:
  9. Okay! Here are more photos that I took. I think I took all the photos of the FOB's. once again, all the information you guys can get for me is great. when I originally purchased this bag I didn't even know that it was a big craze, I just liked the bag. Now I wish I would researched more!!! I hope I can get my money back if it is a fake.

    so what do you guys think?
  10. Thanks for the extra pics. Definitely fake....
  11. So I emailed the seller letting her know what I thought (I told her I took it to the store to have some extra backing) and she wrote:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi, I have been away for a few days, so I have just recieved your messages.

    I have not sold you a fake bag, I purchased this bag from the Chloe store in the South Coast Plaza on Bristol Street, California. I know I included the receipt with the bag as I distinctively remember packing it. As for Chloe alleging that this bag is not real because of discrepancies in the leather, markings and interior stitching, I find that very weird since this bag was purchased from one of their stores!!!

    As I have stated previously, I have no qualms about offering you a full refund including shipping costs, I consider myself an honest seller and I am pretty distraught that you feel that I have deliberately gone out of my way to dupe you.

    Please return the bag in the same conditon as recieved to: xyz

    A full refund will be paid to you via paypal once I have recieved the bag.



    What do you think???
  12. IMO the leather looks far too smooth :hrmm:... Ediths should look very wrinkled / almost 'crushed' (especially when they're fresh from the store)
  13. It's all lies on her part - but take the money and run!!! That receipt story is older than the leather on your bag. She's not going to admit selling a fake, she'll just keep selling til it's sold.
  14. It's 100% fake. Get your money back and save for the real deal!