Chloe - Edith

  1. Hi, just wondering does anyone have the smaller size of the Edith? I have a black and I believe its the larger size.


  2. I wasn't even aware there were sizes!
  3. Ya, I think they have a smaller size this coming fall... I find my a little too big...
  4. the black? i haven't seen the black before. do you have any pictures?

    oh, and i have the grey in the medium size and i LOVE it!
  5. I'll take some and post it.... I just got it today so I haven't used it yet.... Do you not find it too big? I think its around 20" in width right?
  6. that sounds about the right size to me. where did you buy yours from?
  7. what are the measurements? Mine is 17" L x 4.75" W x 10.5" H believed that it's a small one..

  8. 19" W X14" H x 8" D.... i got it from Harrods in London.... : ) I wanted the smaller one.. Maybe i'll get use to this size.. : )
  9. That sounds like the larger size to me...esp if it has longer handles that fit over the shoulder. Mine is 17" at the base, about 14" at the top, about 10.5" high, and 4-5" deep (at the base, tapering toward the top). It is the medium size in whiskey. It's a really nice size.
  10. ETenebris - we have the same exact bag! Is that a medium? Does that mean it comes in a smaller version? Thought it's only 2 sizes? and ours being a small one (length 17")
  11. It comes in 2 sizes the medium which is 17" L and the large which is what I have and its approximately 20" in length.
  12. What NAP describes as the 'Small' Edith apparently still measures a fairly generous 16" x 10" x 5.5".

    I love big bags, but I think I'd find even this smaller size a strain, because the handles are too short to sling it over my shoulder easily (without it being thrust up under my armpit! :wacko: ).

    I'd probably end up wandering around holding it by the handles, over my shoulder; if you know what I mean?! :huh:

    If that isn't a problem for you, NAP have one in the most gorgeous blue leather, in stock, as we speak! I started another thread about it. :smile:
  13. The handles for the medium and large doesn't look like it would fit comfortably on the shoulders. Edith owners, feedback pls?
  14. my medium edith fits over my shoulders alright (and the leather stretches a little), but i also have very tiny arms. but i do know that the large is made to fit specifically over your shoulders and some members have posted pictures of themselves with theirs.
  15. I've added the small Edith onto the previous size comparison. Hope this's helpful. And thanks to the person who did the original one ^__^