Chloe Edith

  1. Hi from Scotland! :p

    I just joined - and I wondered if anyone could give me advice. I'm looking at a Chloe Edith (its on eBay - so you know the score). Does anyone know if the serial number below is from an authentic Edith - or is this just another
    one of these fake bags, being sold as authentic?

    The serial number is - 03-06-53

    Any help, would be REALLY grateful. I don't want to buy a fake - there is no point, might as well just throw my money down the drain.

    Thanks lots and lots............
  2. Try posting this in the chloe forum, someone there will no doubt be able to help! Personally I'm afraid i wouldn't have a clue but be careful on e-bay. i was scammed with a fake Mulberry- they didn't even send me the same colour bag that was in the auction picture!!!! Lost £200.
  3. Thanks for that - I'll post on the Chloe forum! :roflmfao:

    I know, eBay has loads of fakes - very few authentic. I'm very careful - and I have been very lucky with items. However, its a real pain that so many scammers are out there.