chloe edith with strap or paddington shoulder?

  1. hi. im in a dillema. chloe paddington shoulder bag or edith with shoulder strap?
  2. OMG... I've never seen the Edith with a strap; it's gorgous as is the Paddington. Smile....start with one and get the other later. heehee
  3. I really like the Edith. Which do you love?
  4. The paddy. I only like the double pocket edith with the shoulder strap.
  5. Paddy all the way. That's the one I have my eye on.
  6. edith, paddy's cute too, but it's sooo heavy :p
  7. I have absolutely no idea which I'd choose as they are both beautiful. I just got my first Edith the other day, and want a Paddy so badly now....
  8. The paddy is adorable, and so iconic, the Edith just looks bulky to me.

    Paddy all the way!
  9. I like the shape of the paddington hobo and it carries well too.
  10. i broke down and bought the paddington.....and lemme just say....LOVE IT!!! thanks for your opinions!!!!! i think my next purchase will be the edith!
  11. I was going to vote for the paddington too, but you've made up your mind! heehhehe
  12. Congrats!! And now start saving up for the Edith lol!!!
  13. I like the paddington. Glad you got that one; but the edith is great looking too. When you get your bag please post a pic.
  14. Do you mind telling how much the paddy hobo costs?
  15. I personally do not like the edith w/the straps, esp. after seeing them IRL...I don't like how they "unnaturally" protrude from the bag, the hardware attached to the bags just jut out of the bag like they don't belong....the good thing about the strap, though would be the convenience of it!

    But I say, go for the paddy!