Chloe Edith wallet in there such a thing?

  1. Im looking for a wallet that would go well with my sort of hard to match brown fendi handbag. Its a soft metallic brown shade with silver hardware, so Im thinking Ivory might be the way to go. I really love the Chloe edith wallet in that pretty tan color, from what Ive seen on NAP. I see there is white too, but Im not sure about that. Does anyone know if the Edith wallet comes in ivory, and where I might be able to find one (on sale?!?) Id like to hear your comments about quality if you own one too.

    Any other suggestions would be great too, I dont care what brand. Just something classic with a nice rich leather. Is there an ivory paddy wallet? The cute stuff really dissapears on NAP, doesnt it!
  2. They have the padlock long and short wallet at