Chloe Edith vs. Tracy... how does the size compare?

  1. Hi Ladies, I think I got a fantastic deal on eBay for a Tracy... the seller seemed really sincere & it looks authentic but we'll see about that (if it isn't, I'm sure I'll come running back here to bawl!) :p I will just make sure to pay with my AmEx via Paypal as they've been always great w/ chargebacks.

    Anyway, on to my question... for those of you who have (or have seen both IRL), how does the Tracy (the bigger version-- I attached photo courtesy of eBay) compare to the Edith? I'm not sure if it's more comparable to the medium Edith perhaps? I have seen the the Edith in the medium and the large and I must say that the large is way overwhelming for me... I saw it at the Million Dollar Babes sale in NY for an unbelievable price but way too big (I am petite). Now, I am just worried that this Tracy is as big as that? I looked at dimensions but it can be deceiving so I'm looking to hear from those of you lovelies who have both or have seen both in action. Thanks so much!:smile:

  2. The proportions are pretty much the same as the small Edith. Still not a small purse but one I have admired from a far especially in that color combination, Woof! It's a Chloe I really love (hummm I find myself saying that too much these days????):sad:
  3. Thanks! It is a pretty color-combinations... especially for fall. :yes:

    I'm not sure but hopefully someone will come along to confirm but there is a bigger Tracy (I attached a photo from ebay) than this one, I saw it in the BDB sales. It's almost as big, if not bigger, than the large Edith... that's why I am asking the size of the one I won because it would be really unfortunate if this is "The" big Tracy as it would be way too big.
  4. NO those are two different Edith's. The one you presented from Ebay is smaller than this large tote.
  5. hi there. i have been asking this question all over the place: how many sizes are the edith available in? and what are these sizes...? thanks!
  6. The Edith is available in two size's medium and large. The medium (imo) is more on the large side and the large is almost carry-on luggage size:yes:.