Chloe Edith Sighting!!

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  1. Just came back from Nordstrom in Woodland Hills, California and they had a medium Chloe Edith in Chamois! It was gorgeous! The number there is (818) 884-7900. Someone go buy it fast!:lol:
  2. Aaaagh, this is what I needed the night I was drinking and shopping! Leshammy is supposed to arrive tomorrow.... someone else snap this one up so I don't keep kicking myself...
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: Can't wait to hear your review!

    I'm so tempted but I must refrain. :sad:
  4. I hear ya, Daisy!! I'm very afraid I will like the chamois...
  5. There was a grey medium edith at Neimans boca last night about 8:30 if anyone is interested!!
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