Chloe Edith Shopper

  1. I was thinking of getting a Chloe Edith Shopper, but haven't seen many pictures other than the stock photos. It also seems like not many people have it. Can you guys post pictures, please? Also, does it have feet on the bottom? Thanks! :heart:
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    please :yes:
  3. Hi Meg,
    I just read your PM, but I cannot reply for some reason.:confused1:

    Anyway, I was the proud owner of a Chloe Edith Shopper for about a month, but then returned it to BGoodman. Yes, it does have metal feet. I bought the chocolate brown and the leather was gorgeous. I found the bag too big, heavy and difficult to carry, since one strap would not stay over my shoulder (too thick). I was also afraid the bag would scratch easily and then have noticable marks.

    I had a hard time searching for the perfect shopper/tote, but finally got a MbyMJ black patent leather tote that is soft and squishy.

    Sorry no one responded, but not many people have this handbag.
  4. I've seen it in stores and actually like the size? It's porportions are similar to my Tracy Shopper only the leather and detailing (naturally) are different. My Tracy is Lamb's leather and is light, Edith is heavier. If I didn't have my Tracy I would consider the Edith! Quite honestly I like this model better than the Edith satchel. It's on sale at NM's webpage...or is it BG???
  5. It's on NM now on sale for $1274. I thought about it, too but now not sure. I wanted a squishy one like my new paddy, not a stiff one. Hmmm....back to browsing I guess! i just bought my first and now I'm hooked.
  6. you can get one on Bluefly for $1104 today
    cute bag!