Chloe Edith Satchel

  1. First check other posts - i think some have bought it and returned it because it's got a small opening and it's hard to get into?
  2. It was me-did not like the stiffness of the handles or how hard it was to get into the bag. Bought the Chloe Ascot Hobo instead.:smile:
  3. wow - congrats! she's a beauty! i was eyeing that one, too, but I already have a paddington in chocolate.
    how's the leather?
  4. Great find, but its already sold. Got to be faster next time or spend more time here:nuts:.
  5. I'll let you know-it's not due to arrive until the 29th-I think they are sending it by snail mail...I ordered it last week! Good 'ol Neiman Marcus...:smile:
  6. If anyone wants this bag,
    watch BG for it in a few days, I'm returning mine on Tues. I love the bag, the leather is stunning and I adore the style, but the buckle straps are too annoying.

    It would take too long to buckle and unbuckle them every time I need to get in the bag and while I suppose you could leave them unbuckled, I'm too much of a perfectionist and couldn't stand that. ;)
  7. ^^ I also looked at this bag when it first went on sale. I didn't order it for the same reason. The buckles would annoy me.