Chloe Edith Satchel, Large in Whiskey @NM

  1. it's gone:sad:
    so fast...
  2. I actually got it. Hope NM doesn't cancel my order. I'm so excited. :yahoo:
  3. Good luck! I just noticed this was on your wish list too!
  4. congratulations!

    mine will arrive tomorrow. let's discuss when you receive yours.

  5. Congrats to you too!
    Yes I can't wait to see it. Hopefully we won't be disappointed. :smile:
  6. Congrats! I totally agree ... this forum is quite addictive but I love the good deals that other tpfers have posted. Thanks!
  7. FYI: :wlae: There will be another one coming up soon. I just returned one. Gorgeous bag, just not for me.
  8. Great! I am glad someone from tPF got it. Post pictures when you receive it! :yahoo:
  9. I'll do my best to post pics - may need some coaching from ya'll....hope the satchel works for me :smile:
  10. i just got mine. sigh, it's too wide. it's a little difficult for me to carry it. what a pity... i love the color.
  11. kiwii, are you keeping yours? I haven't received mine yet but now I'm worried that it might be wide for me. I'm about 5'1". :confused1:
  12. Okay, is there a common thread happening here with "vertically challenged" tpers liking this bag? I too am short (yes, I admit it) at 4'11" and wonder if this bag will be too big as well. LingGirl - let me know about your reaction to the bag once you receive it and I'll do the same. I've got a Botkier Bombay satchel that is bigger than this Chloe - so I"m hoping that it won't be an issue. :roflmfao: