Chloe Edith Satchel, Large Chamois @ NM $572

  1. How did you find that? I clicked on the SALE link, and nothing by Chloe came up. I wonder if there are some other sale bags "hiding" somewhere on that site!
  2. I'm sure there are. It's a sneaky trick I learned from fellow TPFers. If you *favorite/bookmark* bags that have been on sale, even if they are no longer available and check the link periodically they show up as available because 1) they might be returned items or 2) they have possibly replenished their stock. That is how I found it. I LOVE this bag and was hoping to get it, and I JUST LAST NIGHT ordered it in whiskey, so my funds are tapped out right now. I have come to prefer whiskey anyway I think. This bag is absolutely gorgeous IRL, though.
  3. sneaky sneaky, thanks for teaching. but WOW what a great deal. somebody needs to snatch this up quick.
  4. Thanks MauiMamma - Got it... What a deal!! Hope I like the color. Definitely like the one in whiskey you got! Thanks again for the heads up ;)
  5. YAY!! I'm so glad you got it. I think you will like the color.
    Here's a link to one for sale on eBay with some real life pictures. Take note of the price it is listed at!!
    You got an amazing deal and it IS beautiful!!!
  6. Thanks for the additional pics... Wow, I did get a good deal! I am a new member to Purseblog and I'm already addicted (not only to the bags, but to the people - You gals are great!!!)
  7. Welcome!! I'm fairly new too, and have been so fortunate to find some amazing bags that others have posted here on Deals and Steals that it is nice to pass *favor* on!:yahoo: I hope you thoroughly enjoy this bag. I'd love to see pics if you can. If for some reason I don't like my whiskey and you don't like the chamois, maybe we could arrange a trade. But, I hope that's not the case. Enjoy!!!

    And OH YEAH! It IS addicting!! Love this forum, too, and the really terrific ladies here!!
  8. That was such a good deal!! However, I'm trying not to spend money on bags simply because they're 'great deals' when I didn't really have that bag in mind in the first place.. :push:
  9. Wow... great price for a great bag...
  10. Congrats!! I got to the board to late this morning, would have loved that bag.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind next time I find a sale bag on NM, BG or Saks!!
  12. Absolutely joanniii, I am not a supporter of owning a bag just because it's a deal, but if it happens to be one that you adore AND it's a great bargain, then even THAT much better!!:yes:
  13. So frustrating when that happens. Socalgem, I will try to keep an eye on this bag. It may come up again and will PM you if it does.
  14. I only buy bags I like, deal or not.