Chloe Edith Satchel in Whiskey @ NM $660

  1. Gone!
  2. Where did that come from? Must be an old return.
  3. Thanks for the post laurie! I bought it..received an email confirmation and learned after logging onto my online account that it was cancelled!!! So much for that!! One can always count on NM!!!

    1. NMOF8_V7846 Edith Satchel 1 660.00 47.85 0.00 Cancelled Gift Packaging 0.00
  4. It was available for a few hours today, but I guess someone grabbed it. I'll check the link once in a while to see if it becomes available again.

  5. Don't feel bad-It's not a practical bag...I got it and sent it back because it's so stiff and getting in and out of it was hard!:yahoo:
  6. :yes: I agree! Do not feel bad! I sent it back months ago for the same reason^.
  7. I had it too and sent it back months ago. Can't remember why though.
  8. To be honest, it wasn't my favorite Chloe bag, so I'm sorta glad that NM cancelled itl I only ordered it because it was on sale. So what's new...I do that far too often!!!!
  9. ^maybe because it was the cool Whiskey color?^on top of the sale? That would put gas in my tank!!

  10. Hopefully, it doesn't take that kind of money to fill your tank!! LOL!! Do you drive a Hummer?