Chloe Edith Satchel--Best Price?

  1. BG has the Chloe Edith Satchel on sale for $825. Does anyone know if this is the best price going or might I find it somewhere else for a lower price?
  2. check out the Chloe Bahrain thread here. I think you can do better.
  3. Are you talking about this one?
    flap edith.jpg
  4. I've got it. It's not my style so I'm returning it.
  5. pquiles, what don't you like about that bag? Are the straps really short?
  6. I can't put it on my shoulders at all. It is a bag that you must hand carry. It's just not me.
  7. I'm glad I read your comments before I attempted to order the Edith Satchel. Not being able to put it on my shoulder would not suit me at all!! Boy, you ladies are so helpful.....Thank you!!! I don't drive into town very often due to the distance and traffic, so mostly I rely on pictures. That doesn't always work because pictures are sometimes deceiving. Even when you can get free shipping, it cost to send the bag back. The only one exception I know of is with revolve
  8. Glad I can be of service. That is why I love this forum.
  9. I believe there is a new Chloe edith bag...a messenger style. It has a long strap so you can carry it on your shoulder. I don't know if it is on sale yet, but you can check it out. I believe Neiman Marcus sells this style. check online!