Chloe Edith satchel $630 at NM!

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  1. Oh my nice :smile: wont last I'd expect !

    Chloex-x Edith Satchel, Largex-x Neiman Marcus

    Bah gone before I could finish - keep checking I think this was just added the last few minutes, may be more
  2. Looks like Chloes go on and off. Last night I saw Chlow bowling stachel at BG for $640.
    Chloe lovers, check NM and BG often.
  3. :crybaby: missed it......sigh!
  4. I don't think I would ever be able to catch one of these deals. You have to be very very lucky.
  5. It did come back??? I've been checking dilligently yet missed it...
  6. They are adding more bags right now - I see them coming and going!!! I got one through check out then it shows as cancelled though .. crap LOL well we've had days like this before -- good luck all !
  7. I got the BOWLER!!!!! ^^ Finally!