Chloe Edith sale at Kirna Zabete!

  1. This is what they sent me today, prices look really great! :yahoo:

    Chloe Edith Sale!

    Large Edith was $1720, now $1204
    Regular Edith was $1275, now $893
    Square Edith was $1560, now $1092

    Come visit us!

    Kirna Zabete
    96 Greene Street
    Between Prince and Spring
    New York, NY 10012
    212-941-9656 ext 4
    K I R N A Z A B E T E
  2. What colors did they have?
  3. I'm def. hitting that store 2 day. :smile:
  4. Hi gigi. how's the selection?
  5. Definitely give them a call to see what colors/styles they have left!