Chloe/Edith Quality?

  1. I'm new to Chloe--to be honest, I've never been a huge fan... Mainly because the Paddy is just so heavy! I can aesthetically appreciate them, just can't do the weight.

    So I'm curious about Chloe's quality. I really want this bag:


    I've put one on hold that looks good--the leather is nice, no flaws, etc. Just curious how the bags hold up as time goes by. Will the leather soften up? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I am sure that this bag, like the Edith, will age beautifully.. They just get better and softer with age, the more you use them, the better they become. With Chloe, the quality of the leather is never in question. Its devine.

    I really like this bag and would go for it if I were you :smile:
  3. Ditto the quality is wonderful.....and this bag is stunning IRL. This season's Ediths seem even softer than last seasons to start.

    The only drawback to this particular bag is the buckled top flap - unless you want to leave it unbuckled which some people don't like the looks of, you have to unbuckle both every time you want in the bag. I never use my regular Edith front pocket for everyday items because of the accessibility (or lack of) so I can't imagine having the main compartment like that... JMHO.
  4. ^^Thanks ladies for the feedback so far! I'm ok with the buckles. Since it has the flap, I think I'd leave it unzipped and just use the magnetic snap that's under the main flap. And I can always pull through the straps and not really buckle them. Or just not buckle it at all.

    I was concerned/curious about the quality since this would be my first Chloe. And it's not an inexpensive bag. If I spend $1560, I could pretty much buy most of the bags out there, so I want to be sure I'm getting a great quality bag.
  5. are you near to a store that sells Chloe, or a large department store that sells lots of designer bags. If so, it would be great to actually go and compare the Chloe with lots of others. Yep, for sure, they are expensive, but it will steal your heart when you compare the leather to most of the other high end bags out there :smile:
  6. wickedassin, I'm going to be honest with you and tell you I don't like that bag. If you think the paddy is heavy, I think that bag looks just as heavy as a paddy.
  7. ^^Yes, my local NM and Nordy's both have Chloe. I actually put this bag on hold at NM after just glancing at it this morning. So I'm going to run over before they close to look at the bag up close. Before I fall in love with it or buy it impulsively, I figured I should do my research :smile:
  8. Thanks for your honesty elongreach. I tried the bag really quickly this morning--it's actually very light--more like a Balenciaga than a Paddy. The shape reminds me a bit of a MJ Blake which I own and love. I love the color of the bag and will look at it closely before I just buy the bag. I feel bad returning high-end bags.
  9. I think the Edith has a durability factor even better than the paddy since it sits upright and doesn't get as much wear/dirt on the bottom and sides from slouching. And true at least the traditional Edith is about 1/2 pound lighter than the paddy - not a featherweight but do-able! Can't wait to see what you decide!
  10. This bag is actually light in real life. I threw it over my shoulder and it fit perfectly. It is SOOOOOO cute!!! It looks very book schoolish though, so I'd keep that in mind when purchasing it.

    Chloe leather is THE best quality leather out there. In regards to the small details though (like chipped locks, funky serial numbers, etc) the quality is not so high.
  11. edith satchel! totally love this bag!
  12. Even I do love the regular Edith I'm not a fan of this style but the quality is great and the leather just as amazing as on any other Chloe bag. Go for it if you like it!!
  13. I have 2 Edith's and think the quality is amazing. Wicked you are in San Diego right? I was at FV Nordies yesterday and looked at this bag - it was definitely tempting, but I am not sure about the buckle flaps. I loved the whiskey color. Keep us posted.