Chloe Edith Pocket Satchel, NM $765

  1. I Purchased it yesterday! I also have the you think its too much? Thought I'd carry both when I travel. (you as a purse and one as a carry-on)
  2. i think that's great, wanted to pick up the bowler as a carry on as well but got tight on funds, so jealous..let me know when you get this in!
  3. Hubby had me snag one of these too,it's his gift for my upcoming birthday :yahoo:.I've never minded early pressies :p:smile:.
  4. I grabbed one too for use as a work bag. Can't wait!
  5. Congratulations to us all! There are no more available:yes:
  6. Good buy ladies:smile:
  7. oops,sorry, only in ivory and muscat.picture had me fooled!!
  8. I've seen the jade come up from time to time so I'd save the link if that's what you want. It is being sold under the link with the ivory and muscat.
  9. Cala, there's a jade edith in Bluefly for $867 and use the code shop337 for extra 20%, it should come out cheaper than NM. Give it a try. Hope this works. :smile:
  10. Ah, no worries abi! Thanks for trying!!!:smile: