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  1. My edith is on the way, but I am confused! Do I want it? Will it be in? Could I wear it out at night to dinner in the city or is it toooo casual looking?
    I like the stam. But I am uneasy about the quilted part. I love the shape and the retro feel.

    Should I keep the edith in whiskey or perhaps get the stam in black or chestnut. I have store credit in NAP and I don't know what to do. Its bad too have so many choices.
  2. I think the Stam would be a better style choice for a 'dinner to evening out' bag. I have the Edith & love it, but I do not use it for evenings out.
  3. Hmmm...I would choose Edith for your everyday bag since you will get more use out of it....that is, unless you go out every night! If you go out everynight than buy the Stam! It is a beautiful bag.

    Here is something to consider though...personally, I believe the Edith is very unique and identifiable. Sure, there are other handbags that have similar shape...but not one bag has ALL of Edith's identifying shape (the buckles, smooshness, etc). Also, the leather on an Edith is like no other (if you snag the right kind). 10 years from now someone will be able to look at your Edith and say, "Hey, that's a Chloe Edith" The stam...not so unique to me? Thinking soon they'll be able to make so many look a likes. What is the identifying character of the bag aside from the quilted part?

    Also...the Edith looks better with time, being beaten up a bit. Adds to the vintage chic. I do not own a stam but I'm thinking it looks best brand spankin' new (since it has the whole clean classy look).

  4. Black Stam -- it can be dressed up & down. =)
  5. If this is for nights, I would go with the black stam. That can be used day or night. It can be dressed up or down. I think the Edith is a little too casual for night wear.
  6. You know Minnie, you should just get a paddington and that way you can wear it day or night!
  7. it's a tough choice. i have an edith & thinking of buying a stam.
    but i think stam's moe elegance while edith is more laid back.
    why don't you get both? :P
  8. For me it's anything BUT Stam!
  9. I love the Edith
  10. Edith if you want a great day bag. Stam if you want it for day or night.
    You just don't like quilting in general?
  11. I'm biased...I have a black Stam and I use it for work (it's rather large) and can see myself using it at night.

    Funny thing is, I've been considering adding an Edith to the collection...

    I think you should get the Stam - it's a modern bag with classic styling.
  12. I am not looking for a strictly night bag. I am looking for a bag that perhaps I could take out at night to dinner at a casual place nothing fancy. For fancy I do clutches. I think if I add a scarf to an edith it would add some pizzaz for night.
  13. ^^^ You've answered your own question then. Stick with your 'Edith' decision. :smile:
  14. I agree with the Edith :smile:

    I just cannot "do" the stam, its a little too structured and a little bit old fashioned for me.
  15. The edith looks too much like a work bag (laptop bag) to me. The stam is more of a handbag.