Chloe Edith or balenciaga

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  1. Which is more classic???I am thinking about a big casual bag for everyday use, one that no one will know it's $$:lol:
  2. i personally love the edith and am not a fan at all of the balenciaga...however, i think i am the only one who feels that way about the (shh, don't tell)...
  3. I like the B-bays just don't know if they going to go out of fashion soon:Push:
  4. Not a fan of either, but I like the Balenciaga more.
  5. BALENCIAGA!...sorry but, the Edith looks like an old school bag to me.[​IMG]
  6. i like the fact that you can be more picky about the b-bag - they come in so many more colors and are more available than the edith so you can get one exactly like you want it. with the edith, you have to take whatever you can find, but i do love the edith. if you're looking for something brown, i'd go with it, but if you're looking for something not brown, balenciaga.
  7. Though I do like the Edith, Balenciagas come in lots of fun colors :nuts:
  8. I totally agree! :biggrin:
  9. Definitely the Balenciaga! Great colors to choose from. The Edith to me looks too 'Indiana Jones."
  10. I think it's a hard choice! I love both and they are so different. If I had to choose, I think I would go with the Balenciaga.
  11. I think Edith is arm-held only...the b-bag (city, twiggy) is primarily arm-held but also has a shoulder strap... The b-bag is very hardy...some of my Chloe bags get scratched easily, but I can't tell if the Edith leather is smooth or pebbled...
  12. Well, maybe not the ONLY one...I vote for the Edith. No contest.
  13. I think the edith is more classic. But the Bals are great too. They're light and come in fab colors.
  14. The Edith has classic styling which might explain why some people are underwhelmed by it...there are no bells and whistles, its just a bag. I think it's a style that will always be around.

    B-bag are more maverick styling in the handbag world. It's become a classic because its longevity in industry and the continued demand for it.
    I like them both! :love:
  15. I like both, but the b-bag will be much lighter and has the shoulder strap option so it might be a better choice for an everyday bag.