Chloe Edith on net-a-porter!

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  1. If anyone is interested:

    Chloe Ediths in Whiskey color arrived on net-a-porter!:lol:

    Chloe Edith.jpg
  2. Oh, I'm sorry- they are already sold out.
    Sorry for irritating you :shame:
  3. Yesterday, I tried to order, but too much traffic and the transaction would never go through. Frustrating, because they had some, but I couldn't order. I had to leave, and when I got back, sold out.
  4. when I ordered my rouge first from barneys manhasset several weeks ago my SA said they were getting 5 ediths in and they only had one on the waiting list so I'm #2. Try calling there if you want to get on the wait list.
  5. it's not sold out, just added one to my basket for fun, it's still available!!
  6. total is $1303 us dollar.
  7. I had read about this on Bag Snob and I forgot to post about it :shame: Is whiskey the only color available?