Chloe Edith Messenger Bag for $590 @ NM

  1. aw. it is gone!
  2. Its already sold.
  3. I can't believe that price. I paid $830 for that bag!!!!
  4. too bad...that's such a great deal
  5. it's okay, ali_w, this was a black one. =)
  6. fantastic deal! the black one is still available
  7. Just bought it....but :crybaby:I have a feeling I was a little late. Will probably get that "sorry stock has been depleted" e-mail
  8. I bought a whiskey one and a black one, both orders were cancelled! Gotta be faster next time!
  9. oh, I didn't know they do that. i thought if you had it in your cart and checked out, you're safe! yikes... it's rough world out there!
  10. I know! Tough luck for me... I was all excited too. :crybaby: