Chloe Edith Hobo @ Saks--$521 (should I make the purchase)

  1. hi all. i have the chloe edith hobo on hold at my local Saks. it's been marked down to $521, which i feel is an amazing deal. b/c it's such a good deal i feel that i must take advantage of it, although it is a bit large for my petite frame. what are your thoughts? do you like it?

    it's listed full price at Neiman Marcus:
  2. I love it and what a great price! I say go for it. :tup:
  3. i haven't seen it IRL... but from the picture, it seems to be a gorgeous, timeless bag at a great deal.

    i say go for it, unless you're having too many reservations... i know it's easy to jump at a bag just bc of the price, but if you'd eyed it before, you can't go wrong:tup:
  4. The only thing that I'd make sure that you like is the open top that buckles. I got one of th Ediths that buckled and sent it back because it was too much work to get into it! JMO :smile:
  5. Very nice bag, I've seen in IRL, almost bought it in white. Great deal!!
  6. Great DEAL!
    If you can find anything at Saks with the last cut of 50% off, it's hard to resist!