Chloe Edith Hobo at NR BREA $599

  1. Hey guys stopped by Nordies Rack today in Brea, CA and saw a Chloe Edith Hobo in MAIZ..its sorta a pale yellowish tan but it was gorgeous..just didnt include the dust bag...but I thought it was a great deal since I think its like $1500 regular price...they have the same one on NM website for $969 if you want to see it its:
  2. That's beautiful. How was the quality of the bag? All scratched up? Or nice. TIA
  3. Thanx. NR Brea have had a lot of Chloes lately.
  4. yeah it was almost scratches no marks or anything!
  5. Did you see it today? Was it on the shelves? I was there this morning but didn't noticed any Chloe. :confused1:
  6. no, maybe someone already took it? it was hanging on one of the racks with the security thingys attached to it...if i remember correctly it was right next to a brown COACH and a Michael kors bag...