Chloe Edith has arrived from NAP...

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  1. My Chloe Edith (medium whiskey) arrived today from NAP. My first thought when I opened the box was "A SharPei!". Edith was quite wrinked and scrunched up (photo exhibit 1)... So I stuffed Edith with tissue to get a better sense of size/proportion (photo exhibit 2). I have to admit that I have complicated feelings about Edith...

    1. I like the color more than I expected. It is also a bit more funky, interesting than I expected.

    2. On the other hand, it looks like something I might pull out of my grandfather's also reminds me of a leather bag I once purchased in Tijuana...

    3. If I am going to spend another $1300 on a handbag, do I want this one???

    4. Will I miss Edith if she is gone???

    Please advise...

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  2. Good questions...I ordered the choco edith and I'm wondering about the same things including will I like the color... sorry I don't have any advice! The edith is suppose to be the it bag this year, but that doesn't matter if YOU don't like it!
  3. i honestly don't like the edith at all. i especially don't like the stitching. plus it looks plastic-y leather. i would return it, but that's just me. i think for 1300 could go towards a much nicer bag.
  4. I said it once before and I'll say it again....the Edith looks likes an old school bag and for $1300 that's insane! You can definitely find another "it" bag out there for $1300 that you'd love, without doubts.
  5. Not a fan of this one... I think you can do better!!
  6. Thank you all for the honest opinions...I so appreciate you sharing your perspectives!
  7. I think the bag is GORGEOUS! The color is divine, and the shape is wonderful. It's a refreshing change from the usual Chloe line. I can't wait to receive mine!
  8. The color is very pretty, but the style reminds me of a briefcase/ work bag vs purse. I would return because 1300 is alot to spend, and if you're having reservations, you should go with your gut.
  9. I'm also not a fan. I see what you mean on the Tijuana comment: it reminds me of sturdy inexpensive Columbian bags from the 1970's. The price is quite high. It got a lot of coverage but I don't think it's Chloe's best effort. I also heard it referred to as a briefcase. That didn't endear it to me. For that price I say...look around.
  10. I think it's a really nice bag - but not worth a $1300 price tag.
    It's not me, so I wouldn't carry it, but I don't think it's an unattractive bag at all.
  11. I love the bag! It looks really beautiful, and the wrinkling makes it unique.
  12. If you don't love it, I think $1300 is alot of money to spend...
  13. I think it depends on how you plan to use the bag. If you think you'll use it every day and love it - from carrying books to going out on the town - then keep it. But it's definitely a more casual, everyday bag. If you want something more flash, I'd go for a B Fendi or Marc Jacobs Stam or Elise.
  14. I had the Edith pre-ordered but my obsession for it died out before I even got the bag. W/tax and shipping, NM was going to charge me $1400 for it. I opted to get couple of LV items. I agree w/most what others say here, I think it's a beautiful good leather quality bag. But there's nothing really special about it. Hold onto it for the week and see if there's any other bags out there you like and make your decision after that. For $1300, you can get a lot of other nice bags!
  15. Thanks for the pics! It's such a toughie, this one... I keep thinking I'm over Edith and then I see this damn pic and I'm back to square one. I don't think I'll cancel my order but I have a feeling it will go back.