Chloe Edith Found in Neiman Marcus

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  1. I have to post - another professor here (biology). Love the Ediths, but I like a bag that fits on the shoulder. The Chloe whiskey leather is gorgeous, I have a paddy in that color and it really is the most lovely color/texture.
  2. Since I want to move to teaching full time, I am happy to know that some of the profs here can still afford bags! I don't carry my bags to class...our campus is spread out, and I have to trek between buildings, so I ended up getting a rolling bag (gasp!'s true) from L.L. Bean and it has saved my shoulder!

  3. Oh no....a "sensible" professor??? I tell my students to get an education, find a job that you love (many of them are interested in teaching at some level), and marry well! Your teaching load, publications, shoes, and handbags may then "multiply" in a balanced fashion. :smile:
  4. The edith in the whiskey is not found on the neiman marcus site anymore???? Thinking about being on the waitlist for the whiskey edith instead of the paddington now...hope my SA does not bump me down to the bottom of the list.
  5. Spoke to Darcy @ Chloe in SCP about chamois med. edith. She said she could waitlist me but I'd be number 88!! So she had some time and checked her book and gave me a list of smaller boutiques that were getting chamois so I could call. I reserved one @ Bob Ellis shoes in Charleston SC, I knew they were getting them before the SA. Troy helped me. He's a dear. Call him and he'll let you give CC # to reserve. 843-723-5204. Should arrive in March.

    Here is the list of the others (I know I'm murdering some of these names):

    My Place 949-219-9919
    Gypsy 508-228-4404 Nantucket, 917-544-3840 Florida
    Kirna Zabeta NY 212-941-9767
    Saks Jandel 301-652-2250
    Hirschefers 516-627-3566.
  6. I was at NM-Houston last night (Friday). I am on the waitlist for the med. Edith in Chamois. They are getting 3 and I am the first on the list as of yesterday. The Whiskey and Chocolate are already sold out. The SA told me that the Chamois was a newer color and not one that a lot of people have seen or heard about yet.
  7. Call the NM in San Diego's Fashion Valley. I waitlisted for the chamois there. I am the only one on the list for that color. There are 10 bags that are arriving there and 2 people on the list as of earlier today from what I could read on that thing. They are getting the chamois, whiskey and a grey (I believe).

    Their number is 619-692-9100
  8. Ah...but alas, my husband is also a professor (3rd year Ph.D.). So while I may have married "well" it is not in the financial sense! But I guess if I keep my legal work going a bit longer and teach on the side for "bag" money. Once he graduates and gets a full-time teaching job, I can move to something more fun. :smile:

    On a happier note, my SA who sold me the Edith in whiskey was able to find a light blue Paddington for me tonight, so that is my bag budget GONE! I am looking forward to seeing the chamois and chocolate Edith bags when they come out, so those of you who pre-ordered, PLEASE post pics!!!