Chloe Edith Found in Neiman Marcus

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  1. Thanks BalenciagaLove! You really made me feel better about my anticipated purchase! I have so been looking forward to this bag- I can't wait to see it in person already!!!! :love:
  2. I pre-ordered a med. chamois from Bob Ellis shoes. They should have them around March or April! :love:

    Love that chamois!
  3. I ordered the medium whiskey and asked for the measurements. They are 42 cm long x 24 cm high x 12 cm wide (or roughly 16.5" by 9.5" x 4.5")...I don't know about the large, but it seems much more rectangular than the medium, so it may be quite a bit longer/wider.

    Did anyone manage to get a copy of the photo from the NM site before they took it down? I missed it!
  4. If you are on a wait list, they do not charge you until the bag comes in. However, for a pre-order (at least where I got mine) they charge you immediately and send the bag as soon as it arrives. That was a boutique in CA, so I am not sure about the others, but you might have to pay up front to guarantee that you receive one. Here is the pic from eBay...not my photo, I am "borrowing" it for our purposes since the auction ended and it is somewhat difficult to find without the number. Does anyone know the color of the bag on the left? Is that the chamois? It is AMAZING! I got the bag on the right (whiskey) but that light leather is just gorgeous.

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  5. Yes, that is the Chamois! It's gorgeous!!! I ordered the Whiskey too. Have you seen the chocolate- its beautiful too!!! Can't wait to get my little hands on this bag already, especially after all this hype about the measurements. Thanks for posting the dimensions!!!
  6. Yay! Another professor! What do you teach? I am an attorney AND I teach English at two local colleges.
  7. No, I missed the pic of the chocolate! I am dying to see it...if anyone has it, please post! That chamois is unbelievable! I thought it would be more yellow, but in this photo it is amazing. I am sticking with my whiskey, though...more versatile. :biggrin:
  8. I agree- I love the whiskey. I will post a pic of the chocolate if I can find one.
  9. Wow, this bag is really growing on me. I haven't seen it in person yet, but I would love to. I'd like to try it on and see how it hangs/fits. How is the shoulder drop?
  10. Hi Megs! I don't know, the SA explained to me that the bag should be worn on the crook of your arm, and although it will be a tighter fit, it can possibly be worn on your shoulder (withuot a coat).
  11. Psychology...Always amusing to read "nice bags, nice shoes" on the end-of-semester teaching evaluations...:biggrin:

    The ebay photo pictured above of the medium and large Chloe Edith bags was taken by a TFS poster at a trunk show. I believe she pre-ordered multiple bags.
  12. good to hear there are other professors out there! I'm a university teach fine studio art and do not fit the profile either. It is great that the students notice how you dress. It makes a difference and inspires them to be better students and try harder - love getting those evals too! Just proves you can teach and dress well.
  13. I was just thinking that was a trunk show picture...the woman who owns the boutique where I am getting my bag, has the same picture from the NYC trunk show. :amuse:
  14. Hmm... I didn't like it that much in the pictures, but in rl, you see the beauty of the leather, the stitching contrast is just lovely. Since I wasn't even there for the Edith, but the SA just held it up while I was looking at something else, she was trying to move it or something... and then it struck me as "Damn, that's one good looking bag!" I also like how well it sits on the forearm and against your body when you carry it. I am a Paddy lover, but this bag really spoke to me! "YOU MUST BUY ME NOW!!!!"
  15. Uh oh...when they start talking to you it's time for an intervention! LOL (j/k):nuts: :nuts:

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