Chloe Edith Found in Neiman Marcus

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  1. Balenciagalove, Do you mean the Luella Giselle? Forgive me, if I seem stupid!
  2. Yes, it's not as bulky as the Luella gisele. It's an absolutely gorgeous bag and a complete modest size in the medium (for a big bag)... in the large... I was a little stupified.
  3. I agree....I couldn't imagine using the large as a handbag!
  4. Where did you see them? I've been wanting to see one IRL to know if I've been waiting for the right bag.
  5. I saw it at Nordstroms at UTC in La Jolla, (thanks to Wickedassin!). Since Nordstroms there isn't going to sell the edith, they had them in the backroom, both the large and the medium. The medium was in chamois (normally, I would have said ick to beige), but it was the most scrumptious leather I have EVER seen!!! I so wanted to take that bag home then and there.
  6. Thanks! Was it a Chloe trunk show? Maybe I can get my SA at Nordstrom here get it for me. Oh wait...chamois...maybe not. Thanks for the info!
  7. I am not sure, it was some type of Chloe pre-sale event going on that day. I couldn't make it because of work, but I had called them to check it out whether they would have any Whiskey Paddies (don't get me started on that part). Anyways, the chamois is far prettier than you would ever imagine in rl. If your SA can get her hands on it, it's definitely worth seeing. It's very lovely. Unfortunately, my heart is set on whiskey leather!
  8. Thanks for the IRL report! Is the medium Edith closer in size to the Balenciaga city or work?
  9. Hmm... well, the work is a bit too big and the city is a bit too small... so the medium edith is pretty much in between the two. It's a bit larger than the city, but not overbearingly so. I would say that it's closer to the city. It's a nice size, I ordered one, even though I told myself no more bags (GULP!). I did justify it by saying that since I was like #60 something at Chloe's boutique for the 15 bags that they were getting, I probably won' t be called about it! :P :P

    It's a beautiful bag. I was actually surprised how much I liked it, since I didn't dig the pictures that much.
  10. don't see what the hype is for this bag. so far i'm not feeling it at all...
  11. Thank you! Me too. It seems like a slightly more structured slouchy satchel for a lot of money. But I think I just don't get Chloe. I like my GD much more.
  12. ^^^i think the mulberry tote that came out looks much better.
  13. I like the GD much more too...I agree with not seeing what the hype is about the Edith bag...sorry - I'm a Paddington lover :amuse:
  14. Thanks for the size reference! I am also underwhelmed by the photos, but am interested in a "real life" examination... Part of my "problem" is that in photos, it reminds me of an old-fashioned professor-type briefcase... My "problem" is that I AM a professor, but would not fit that profile in the slightest...

  15. I think it was the mulberry tote that they showed in their ads recently (stacked purses). If so, it was gorgeous.

    BalenciageLove - I saw a picture of the chamois color ( ebay showing large version) - it is very pretty. Besides the look of the leather, what made you like this bag when seeing it in pictures? I am still having a problem with the style.